If you want to feel the earth move look no further


Twin 9-inch driver 'force cancelling' subwoofer

To experience the full impact of dramatic on-screen effects, bass definition and control are critical with this much power.


Twin 9-inch driver 'force cancelling' subwoofer

The R400b is just 14inches high but with twin bass drivers and 500W of power it's made for serious home theatre systems.


Slim profile subwoofer

With bass power that belies its size the T-2 subwoofer creates a 3D image by adding definition and weight to the bottom end.

Kube 12b

The biggest Q Series subwoofer delivers the power  

The Kube12b is engineered to deliver the deepest bass for music and movies, if you want to feel the earth move look no further.

Kube 10b

The perfect balance of size and deep bass

With a 10-inch driver, the Kube10b is the middle sibling that offers flexibility across a range of mid-sized rooms.

Kube 8b

The Kube 8b is a pocket-sized power puncher

Don't let its compact size fool you, the Kube 8b may not take up much room space but the bass it delivers is anything but small.